Firewalker Capital


Firewalker Capital
Firewalker Capital works with banks and institutions that expect the highest standards for complex transactions as a given.

ALSO designed an identity for a new company that had to establish itself quickly in the marketplace, compete with the industry leader and convey the message that ‘there is nothing better available in this space’.

Firewalker Capital’s proficiency at understanding portfolio issues was a differentiator and had to be clearly conveyed through it’s branding and messaging. The look and feel had to be conservitive, with a proactive ‘eager to accept the most challenging issues’ twist.
“ALSO prepared our corporate identity and related branding materials. Talin prepared a marketing brochure for highly specialized advisory services. Throughout the process, she proved a rare combination of creative energy, attention to detail, and ability to listen and adapt through this iterative process.”

Gregg Young
Chief Investment Officer at Karney Management Company